its exhausting hanging out with my best friends

yes those friends

ur closest friends, ur only friends………… u  absolute bag of shit

like honestly beforehand when i get the text or call i cuss under my breath ignore it as long as i can and by the time i pluck up the courage and will and strength theyre already on their way

why am i this way

tonight took a weird turn. i decided to take a night shower to wash some of the grime of the day off me

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i miss molly

I’m so glad.

drinking alone in the dark isnt as depressing as i thought it would be. its pretty chill tb h

On the Flip Side doe:

Having friends again is super Cool

sighs loudly because my parents are exhausting…..,., it’s just„ well we had such a good day yesterday but of course they have to ruin that too like everything else

And they wonder why im so against marriage n romance n have these weird ass intimacy issues …

voted most likely in high school to be the most prideful, jealous, possessive person on the PLanet 

i Disgust mysefl

do you know how exhausting it is to Hold in tears all day everyday for the past couple of months ? to pretend to be happy? its so Fucking tiring

my body wants to break down i can feel it with every muted emotion, every bated breath every quiver of my lip and stifled scream 

unscrew the cork. open the flood gate s. theyre stuck, im stuck

i want.. no i need to cry until im dehydrated . 

i can only imagine how good that would feel. like a ruined orgasm