to the ppl who keep asking how ive been, how am i doing, am i ok?:

is my silence not a loud enough answer? how dyou think? 

im awful. im sorry if i ddont want to talk about school or my parents or work or anything im not in a very happy place right now please be understanding 

how would you ffeel? honestly.

anguished ha;f monster half human voice: whats HAPPENING TO ME ?! 


dunno why i Would have to say this but do not reblog anything from this blog

have some common decency., i come on here to hide from everyone and hell im not even articulate

just.. I know you’re reblogging cuz you’re feeling the same way so please.. Respect me and my words and my feelings if you know how I Feel.


i feel like being alone a lot and ditching my friends is easier than explaining myself 

explaining why im sad why im avoiding talking to everyone 

i do this a lot when i get really depressed

and thats just normal for me…

moms been crying all night and things are becoming finalized tomorrow 

dunno how to feel

i cried a little bit. mostly im scared

nothing i can do. i wish i still was a religious person. maybe i’ll ask mom to go back to church after all this blows over…